Fifth Third Bank – 2/28/14 – Bexley

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Robbery Date/Time: 2/28/14 11:55 am
Location: Fifth Third Bank
Address: 2570 E. Main St.
City: Bexley
State: OH
Zip: 43209
Lead Investigator/Agency: Detective J. Byrd / Bexley PD
Phone Number: 614-559-4465

On Friday, February 28, 2014 around 1155, there was an attempted robbery at the Fifth Third Bank located at 2570 E. Main St. in Bexley, OH.  The suspect is described as the following; black male, approx. 6ft tall, 170lbs, and dark skinned.  He was wearing the following; black and white shoes, gray sweats, Olive green pea coat, gray scarf/wrap, and a dark green toboggan.  The suspect entered the S/S entrance off of E. Main St.  The suspect stood towards the back of the teller line briefly then walked over to the withdrawal/deposit slip stand and appeared to write on something. The suspect then walked back to the teller line.  Upon approaching the teller, he initially told the teller that he needed money, but did not have his bank card.  He also did not have his driver’s license or any other form of ID.  The teller told him that if it had been lost or stolen, he would have to speak to a personal banker.  At this time the suspect slid a note over to the teller.  The note read, “Give a thousand or I am going too shoot you, don’t touch the button or say anything/”. It was later determined that the note was written on the back of a savings deposit slip most likely written when he was at the stand.  The teller replied that she did not have the money.  The teller stated that the suspect just looked at her like what now and then turned around and headed towards the E/S exit/entrance doors of the bank.  Witnesses stated that they observed him get into a black Dodge Charger with N. Carolina license plates, and with two males(unknown race) inside, and left the lot towards E. Main St.

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