Huntington Bank – 9/26/18 – Whitehall

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Robbery Date/Time: 9/26/18 1:30 pm
Location: Huntington Bank
Address: 4550 E. Broad St.
City: Whitehall
State: OH
Zip: 43213
Lead Investigator/Agency: Det. Jon Buerkel / Whitehall PD
Phone Number: 614-237-6333

The Huntington Bank, 4550 E. Broad St. Whitehall, was robbed on 9/26/18 at approximately 1330 hrs. The male entered the bank with a black semiautomatic handgun and hopped the counter. While behind the counter he pistol-whipped two employees. After obtaining the money from the drawers, he fled east through the parking lot on foot. A witness in the parking lot, who saw him approach the bank from the same direction that he left toward, observed the dye pack explode. She stated that the dye pack was underneath his clothing near his abdomen area when it exploded. He was seen getting into the passenger seat of the vehicle previously described. The vehicle fled the area east on E. Broad St. The male has been described as late 20’s to early 30’s, thin build. Was wearing a black baseball hat, and a black sweatshirt with a large ornate letter “A” on the front. He was wearing gloves with white fingers, possibly athletic gloves, baseball or football style. A large amount of cash was recovered near where the dye pack exploded. There is still an undetermined amount missing. Update – the robber has been identified as Robert Mason.

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